Laundry Care

Machine wash up to 60⁰.
Hot iron.
Tumble dry.
No dry cleaning.
Wash with like colours.
Do not use bleach.
Be kind to our environment, wash
only when necessary and avoid harsh


1. We recommend washing your cotton sheets before using them for the first time. This will allow your cotton sheets to shrink slightly, for a better fit to your bed.

2. Cotton gets better with age. Don’t wait too long between washes. Wash your sheets every fortnight with mild detergents, aim for liquid biodegradable detergent. 
3. Sheets need to circulate to get clean. Don’t cram your sheets in the washing machine, especially if your machine has an agitator, this can pull threads causing them to tear.

4. Wash colours with cold water and whites with warm water. 

5. Tumble drying is fine on low heat. Line drying is kinder to the fabric.

6. Finish off with a hot iron to get that crisp clean look.